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29 mai 2015

Bulletin municipal


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bar sur seine

At 7 minutes from the A5 PARIS LYON, our close commune will suprise visiters with it's tourist attractions.

Entrance point to the Côte des Bars en Champagne region with it's touristic route through labeled cellars, Bar sur Seine hosts all types of accomodation and restaurants for a stopover or a complete holiday.

Some 'musts' to be discovered among others !
Strolls around the old buildings from the 16th century, the Templar Chapel, the classified Saint Etienne church, etc…
Secluded walks in a preserved and diverse environment.

The convergence site of the five PAYS BARSEQUANAIS valleys, Bar sur Seine won't fail to seduce you.

For more information the BAR SUR SEINE TOURIST OFFICE
33 rue Gambetta – Tel : Fax :
Site :

Hôtel de Ville

132 Grande Rue
de la Résistance

Tél. : 03 25 29 80 35 Fax : 03 25 29 79 53

Ouverture au public

Du lundi au vendredi de
9h00 à 12h30 et
de 14h00 à 17h30
Le samedi de 9h à 12h

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